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Colour films E-6 processing. Price list

How to send the film for the processing

Reversible colour movie films produced for the E-6 process include contemporary and older western films - Kodak, Wittner and others. The EKTACHROME Kodak film is no longer produced and WITTNER CHROME 200D is currently available.

Price list

2x8mm (25ft - 33ft), DS8 (66ft), Super8 (50ft) colour reversal movie film in E-6 processing: 24 EURO.
Cutting along the film 2x8mm or DS 8 into two sections 8mm and gluing: 3 EURO.
16mm (100ft)colour reversal movie film in E-6 processing: 48 EURO.

Warning. The 16mm film will be cut before processing for 2 sections of 50 ft and then - after being processed - glued. OFilmy przeterminowane czarnonly 2- 3 frames at the gluing site will be lost.

In case of an order to process an after expiry date movie, please read carefully Expired films processing conditions.

Shipping - registered letter containing up to two films

Europe with Cyprus, Russia and Izrael: 6 EURO
North America, Central and South America, Africa, Asia: 8 EURO
Australia and Oceania: 10 EURO.

WITTNER CHROME 200D processing E-6 WITTNER CHROME 200D processing E-6 WITTNER CHROME 200D processing E-6
Contemporary 16mm WITTNER CHROME 200D film processed in the E-6 process in our Laboratory. Film shot using an anamorphic lens (SCOPE - panoramic film).
AGFA MOVIECHROME film after expiry date for about 30 years, processed in 2016.

All sample frames from the films are posted with the permission of their authors.